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Curaprox Aligner Foam


Specially crafted to restore, protect, and remineralise teeth underneath plastic aligners, retainers, or mouth guards.

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Replace your toothbrush

We'll say when

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Interdental brushes

Right in the middle of the interdental space.

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Extra soft,
extra fun for kids!

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Oral health, instructions

Whether for whitening. Or during pregnancy. Whether for babies or kids. Whether with braces or implants. There’s always something to watch out for. What exactly?

Here are our instructions

Dental care from Switzerland

A toothbrush, interdental brushes and toothpaste.
That’s all you need. Or is it?


…that love the gumline

Brushing your teeth is also about cleaning your gumline. The sulcus – the groove between the teeth and gums – is a breeding ground for bacteria that cause inflammation and periodontitis. Our toothbrushes are so gentle, they clean perfectly – even in the gumline.

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Interdental brushes

Once in and out. Done.

Exceptional cleanliness where it matters most – in the difficult-to-reach narrow spaces between the teeth. All thanks to super-fine, extra-long, ultra-resilient filaments. Combat tooth decay, inflammation and periodontitis. Quick. Easy. Pleasant.

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The best in the world?

Toothpastes that improve your oral health – and bring joy to your brushing routine. Beautifully-crafted flavours. Healthy ingredients – no nasties. Whitening that actually cares for your tooth enamel. Curaprox toothpastes.

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Sonic Toothbrush

Get a move on

Up to 84,000 wonderfully gentle brush movements a minute. The most power you can get outside of a dental office. But this high-tech brushing power is joy for your gumline. And it’s joy for those hard-to-reach spots. All thanks to innovative Swiss brush head technology. All at the touch of a button.

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Baby Teething Ring


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