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Curaprox wood ultra soft 

Brighter Smiles, Healthier Planet

The Eco-Conscious Wooden Toothbrush that Nurtures Your Smile and the Planet

Crafted with our Swiss expertise and meticulous precious, our innovative wooden toothbrush represents a gentle revolution for dental care and sustainability. Discover the synergy of an ultra-soft brush head featuring 4,440 finely woven Curen®️ filaments, harmonised with responsibly sourced, ultra-durable beech wood. Experience care that embraces your teeth, gums, and the environment.

Invite nature into your daily routine

Feel the warmth of the biodegradable handle and the vibrancy of the brush filaments every morning and evening. This eco-friendly masterpiece isn't just a toothbrush; it's a work of art—a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. Try it, love it, and share the joy of nature's embrace!

Innovative Design Meets Enduring Strength

Crafted from Swiss beech wood, renowned for its enduring strength, our wooden toothbrush stands apart. Its exclusive feature, the Curacurve® bend, ensures effortless access, reaching those elusive spots with ease. Experience the unmatched durability of Swiss beech coupled with the innovative design that simplifies your oral care routine.

Our Wood Series - Four Stunning Hues

Indulge in choice and style with our Wood Series, presenting four captivating hues: the rich Bordeaux Red, vibrant Grassy Green, serene Sky Blue, and charming Floral Pink. Elevate your dental routine by selecting the shade that harmonises with your unique style.

Experience the unmatched innovation and design synonymous with our iconic toothbrushes—endorsed by dentists and cherished by millions worldwide. Embracing wood doesn't compromise efficiency; our Curaprox Wood Ultra Soft embodies this ethos. Relentlessly combating plaque while tenderly caring for your teeth and gums, we're redefining wooden toothbrushes.

Key Features:

  • The wooden toothbrush that cares for your smile
  • … and the environment
  • 4,440 Curen® filaments each 0.1mm in diameter
  • Made in Switzerland with sustainably sourced Swiss beech wood
  • Treated with carnauba palm tree wax to protect against water damage
  • Cleans in every corner… thanks to Curacurve® – small bend, big difference
  • Compact, angled head
  • 100% biodegradable wooden handle – pop it in the compost
  • Every piece of wood and each toothbrush is unique

How to brush – the short version 

  • Hold your brush like a pen.
  • Start with the best angle – half on the teeth, half on the gums.
  • Tilt towards the gums.
  • Clean with small, gentle circles... almost without any pressure.
  • Repeat on all three surfaces of the teeth.

How to dispose of your toothbrush 

Break off the brush head using pliers or similar tools.

Throw the brush head away in your normal bin.

Pop the 100% biodegradable wooden handle in your compost bin. 

We recommend replacing your wooden toothbrush every three months (to avoid bent filaments and the build-up of potentially harmful bacteria).

Sustainable, Swiss ecosystem

We're committed to nurturing a Sustainable Swiss Ecosystem. Our dedication to responsibly sourced beech wood cultivation echoes our passion for preserving Switzerland's forests for future generations.

Love the planet with Ama Pianeta

Our commitment extends beyond oral health; we prioritise the well-being of our planet. Launched by our founder, Ueli Breitschmid, the Ama Pianeta label champions a profound respect for nature, wildlife, our environment, and society at large. Our values align with sustainable food cultivation, the preservation of natural processes, and the responsible stewardship of resources. Join us in nurturing a healthier world for all.

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