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UHS 411, pink

£ 8.65
UHS 411
UHS 411
UHS 411
UHS 411
UHS 411
UHS 411

UHS 411, pink

£ 8.65

Aluminium holder for all CPS brushes: In four colours

Anodised aluminium. Twist-lock connection. Angled to make cleaning the interdental spaces even easier. Choose from green, pink, gold or blue. Compatible with all CPS interdental brushes.

The ergonomically shaped holder with its twist-fit. Optimum for the side teeth area.

As every CPS interdental brush fits every holder, it’s easy to pick your own personal favourite: angled or straight, with click or twist-lock connection, plastic or aluminium. Angled holders are particularly easy to use on the side teeth.

  • anodised aluminium
  • angled
  • twist-fit

Data sheet

interdental brush holder
Bad breath
Clean teeth
Gum care
Minimal staining without bleaching
Pleasant taste
Sensitive teeth
Age group

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