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Duo holder alu

£ 15.00
UHS 420
UHS 420

Duo holder alu

£ 15.00

Twice the fun: Double holder for all CPS brushes

Super practical duo holder with twist-lock connections – for two CPS interdental brushes at a time. Anodised aluminium. So convenient.

This holder allows the user to have two interdental brushes in use at a time.

As every CPS interdental brush fits every holder, it’s easy to pick your own personal favourite: angled or straight, with click or twist-lock connection, plastic or aluminium. Angled holders are particularly easy to use on the side teeth.

  • anodised aluminium
  • angled
  • twist-fit

Data sheet

interdental brush holder
Bad breath
Clean teeth
Gum care
Minimal staining without bleaching
Pleasant taste
Sensitive teeth
Age group

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